Tyson Smith Music


"With his progressive, electrified, solemn and churning second full album, Tyson Smith has carved out a niche groove in which to reside in the framework of modern NZ blues and folk" - New Zealand Musician Magazine

Tyson Smith is a guitarist/singer/songwriter based in Wellington, New Zealand.
His unique, original music combines elements of rock, blues, folk, world music and freeform inprovisation.
He has worked as a guitarist with acts ranging from the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra to vocalist Hollie Smith, before focusing on his own music in the last few years.
In 2014 he released his second album "The Hollow Tree" featuring Rick Cranson (Little Bushman) and Ed Zuccollo (Trinity Roots) and since then Tyson has been performing regularly around various New Zealand venues and festivals with his raw and exciting sound. He is also involved in his sister Tamara's project "Mundi" and Wellington-based "synth stomp blues" trio "The Three Rays" both of which have albums in progress.