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"The Wild" single download.

"The Hollow Tree" album available on CD and download.

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Tracklist (click the button next to a track name to listen)
1. Line Of Sight
2. Into The Howling Rain
3. Midnight's Ocean
4. Down The Track
5. Winding Our Way
6. Red Stone
7. Too Late Too Soon
8. The Hollow Tree

Lyrics for the songs from "The Hollow Tree" can be found here

A lot has happened since 2009's album "There's Nothing We Can't Pretend" and Tyson has recently finished an album of some songs written during the intervening period entitled "The Hollow Tree". It features the filth of Rick Cranson on drums and Ed Zuccollo on moog and is available now.

"There's Nothing We Can't Pretend" (2009) CDs and Downloads available

Tracklist (click the button next to a track name to listen)
1. The New Silence
2. Something More
3. Malfunction
4. Until The Fire Dies
5. Now & Then
6. Zebulon (instrumental)
7. Flying Fish Soup
8. Hania (instrumental)
9. What Did You Want To Say?
10. On The Line
11. The Path To Enlightenment

Two years after the initial recording session and almost eight years after some of the songs were written, Tyson Smith released his debut album "There's Nothing We Can't Pretend".
The variety of influences encountered during Tyson's musical meanderings is plainly evident in the 11 tracks featured on the album. With funk, rock, jazz, blues, folk and world music elements the album is nothing if not eclectic. In Tyson's own words it is "...in many ways a compilation album - pages from my musical diary penned during the last half dozen years against various backdrops..."
The album features some of Wellington's finest musicians including Darren Mathiassen (drums) and Jonathan Crayford (keys).
All the material on the album was written and arranged by Tyson and recorded and mixed when time and bank accounts allowed at Trident Studios in Wellington.

Some other recordings featuring Tyson

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Mundi "The Pale Blue Dot"
Floating Head - "Live at The Third Eye"